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Based in New York, Irina Howard is an internationally renowned artist. Ms Irina has gained global recognition in the recent years. Her works received critical acclaims and are featured in art galleries throughout the US and Europe. Receiving numerous awards, she has appeared in various art flatforms, art galleries and art exhibitions. In 2022, she was awarded in “Top 60 Masters”, “Oscar of Visual Arts”, and “Collector’s Choice” by the Art Tour International Magazine. Her other awards include “Artist for a Green Planet” and “Voices of Tomorrow Art Award” by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.

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Kan Hung-Ju was born in Taiwan in 1993. He received MFA in Fine Art 2D at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2020. Mr Kan currently resides and works in New York. Dedicating to painting, teaching, and creative works, being inspired by daily life materials and life experience, examining from both eastern and western lenses, Mr Kan’s works transform into real and fictional images, stimulate dialogue across cultures and borders. His works were exhibited in Boston, Harvard University, New York, Taipei and other art galleries and art exhibitions.

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Olivia Wang has gained extensive experience in teaching art to children and teenagers. Not only does she have an art degree in the US, but she also studied abroad in Paris and participated in art researches and creations in Europe, which infused an international perspective into her teaching. Ms Wang studied history and traditional aesthetics extensively, while also recognizing the conflicts and alliance of Chinese and Western cultures to create innovative artistic inspiration. This cross-cultural etiquette makes her teaching style unique and can inspire students to expand their artistic thinking. She encourages students to try express themselvesboldly. Her artworks have received various awards and acclaims.

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 Holly Liu is a visual artist and an experienced art educator based in New York. Her works were featured in various art galleries and art exhibitions in the US and Europe. In 2023, she was nominated as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art in 2023 and was awarded 2023 Artistic Career Prize by Effetto ArteFundation. Ms Holly was also selected as a remarkable artist at the Circle Foundation for the Arts in Paris. She is also a member of the Montauk Artists Association.

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