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Painting course

The fusion of water and color makes it rich, and we can use this ever-changing color to paint our inner world. In this course we will learn the basics of watercolors and colors and master the basic skills of watercolors through practice. Learn from the shallow to deep system, through the watercolor still life, landscape, characters, animals, drawing various cartoon themes to master the improvement of painting skills.

Learn the basics of painting, use a variety of painting materials to draw exaggerated, distinctive, colorful paintings, basic training of lines, basic geometric shapes and colors. Strive to train children's basic styling ability and basic understanding of color, cultivate, maintain and improve children's interest in painting, and lay a solid foundation for further in-depth study.

Basic sketch course: develop students' observation ability, hand and eye coordination ability, master the skill of sketching, and use black and white ash to express three-dimensional space on two-dimensional paper.12

Agape Music & Arts Center