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Welcome to Sylvan

Established in 1979 by a school teacher, Sylvan Learning Center has grown our unique individualized learning methods across the globe. Our caring teachers are experts at encouraging and motivating kids to learn, grow and flourish. Your child’s confidence in reading, math and writing will soar! And soon, you’ll start to see bigger smiles and a lot less stress at home too.

We are available at both Whitestone and Elmhurst locations! ​

Here's how we customize our program to fit your child

Step One:

We evaluate your child’s strengths and opportunities, so we know exactly where to start


Step Two:

We create a personal learning plan that “adapts” to your child’s own skill level and pace, so your child feels engaged and motivated, never frustrated, rushed or bored


Step Three:

We balance tailored instruction with independent practice, so each session advances your child’s skills while also being fun (yes, fun!)


Step Four:

Our caring, Sylvan-certified teachers truly engage your child so concepts click and comprehension soars, helping them become an all-around successful student


Step Five:

We measure your child’s progress and collaborate with you to ensure goals are met

Tutoring 补习

Our personalized tutoring apply to all students from Pre-K to beginner College level. Each lesson consists of 1 hour instruction, each instructor will tutor up to 3 students at similar levels. Each student will have their own personalized plan, we will assess students periodically and communicate with parents to ensure they reach their goals on time and stress free.

Subjects includes: Reading, Writing, Math all levels, all regents subjects.




Test Prep 备考

Our test prep program services all standardized testing. We offer large group sessions at very affordable prices as well as personalized prep programs for those whom has specific needs or a tight timeline to meet. All students must first assess for correct class placement and for their learning plan to meet all time lines.


State Exams  纽约州考

SHSAT  纽约特殊高中入学考试

TACHS 纽约私立高中入学考试

Regents Exams  纽约高中科考

SAT  大学入学考试(适合文科生)

ACT 大学入学考试(适合理科生)

Counseling 咨询

We offer very informative group workshops for students and parents as well as personalized counseling for our student's well being. Our counselors focus on our student's mental health, physical well being as well as their academic goals. 


Homework Help & Time management


How to raise a child with IEP


Financial planning and management for teens


How to cruise through each grade and what to look out for


College choices and admission processes 


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